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About Us


With a unique combination of art and gourmet cuisine in every bite, Aperion Productions is on a pedestal of its own.

The highly acclaimed and successful Aperion Productions was established years ago by famous caterer and chef, Mr. Kaufman. Mr. Kaufman comes from a family that is passionate about gourmet cooking and excellence. His commitment to producing the freshest, most tantalizing cuisine is a natural progression from growing up with closely guarded family recipes.

The culinary experts at Aperion are not content to only rely on the nostalgia of an era of home-cooked goodness that is no longer. At Aperion’s state of the art, immaculate kitchen, they are always a step ahead of the rest. Their unique talent? Serving delicious goodness with a modern and eye-catching presentation.


Mr. Kaufman believes that top-of-the line catering should include top-of-the-line kashrus supervision. To that end, Aperion insists on having the strict and stringent kashrus supervision of the esteemed Tartikov Beis Din as well as a personal Mashgiach, R’ Asher Mann.

Regarding the strict level of Kashrus at Aperion Mr. Kaufman of Aperion states:

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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